Why do you need to moisturize your hair?


A black woman with natural hair showing a side profile. A picture on the left shows her with dry hair and a picture on the right shows her with moisturized hair. She is standing against a grey background.

Just like skin, hair has a tendency to dry out. When your hair is dry, it will appear straw-like, lack-luster, and limp. It’s essential that you provide the necessary moisture to keep your hair hydrated. 

There are plenty of reasons why one’s hair would be on the dry/brittle side. Climate can be a contributor to lack of moisture as dry heat often evaporates moistness. Blow drying, flat ironing or curling hair excessively can cause extreme dryness and in worst case scenarios, heat damage. Therefore, you should use heat-styling tools sparingly and keep your blow dryer setting on low heat or even cold if you can. Try using a protective thermal or styling spray beforehand. This tip also applies for when you are taking a flight somewhere, as circulated airplane air is particularly dry and not so hair friendly. If you enjoy getting into the sauna after a great work out, be sure to wrap a towel around your hair to protect it from the dry heat.

Moisturize your hair with Cream of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment. When at the beach, wear a hat, bandana or some other various head covering to protect your hair from the dangerous rays of natural sunlight. If your hair is color-treated or relaxed, you should take extra precautions to protect your hair from moisture loss as processed hair is more vulnerable.

The most important ingredient in moisturizing hair is water. If you drink plenty of water, it sustains your body’s metabolic response and support hair growth cells. Be mindful that showering or bathing with hot water can dry out your hair and skin. Try to use shampoos that specifically target moisture. Conditioner is equally, if not more important, when striving to prevent dryness. If you really want to kick it up a notch, you can try the Cantu Natural Hair Conditioning Creamy Hair Lotion . Thanks to molecular structures, active agents with the hair lotion coat each individual hair strand with a protective film. As a result, the hair is smooth, and cuticles are sealed. When cuticles are sealed, this allows the hair to retain water more effectively. Don’t neglect those ends!