Natural Hair Goals Debunked


Lighter skinned black woman side profile with short natural hair against a nude background.

Some may want luxurious curls; others may want thickness; many shoot for bra strap length or beyond. What do all of these things have in common? They are hair goals. Hair care is a journey, not a destination; with many stops along the way. Often times, when binge watching YouTube tutorials, and scrolling through Pinterest, we may become overwhelmed by all the different types of information that will allegedly allow said hair goals to become more attainable. But what sources can we trust? If you’re one who has been struggling to reach your various natural hair goals and are looking for where to start, you’ve landed in the right place. Today, we’re going to dive into the ins and outs of the natural hair care journey. 

We all have a vision for how we want our hair to look at some point. Whether you write your hair goals out, carry them in your mind or even have a “hair crush” on the “Gram,” we all have high hopes for our hair follicles. In order to increase your chances for hair care nirvana, you must first seek to understand your hair’s unique characteristics. It’s no longer enough to know if you are a 4a versus 4b. In reality, hair typing tells you very minimum and is not an adequate representation of most curl patters. Pay attention to key things that affect the way your hair behaves and feels so you can move with intentionality along your natural hair journey.

As Gen Z’ers would say:” this the one right here.” Learn to love your hair in its most natural state. Before the curly puddings and Shea Moisture leave in conditioner, learn to love your hair how it naturally grows from your scalp. Everyone’s hair is different and beautiful in its own twisted way, literally. Don’t let society or the media flood your judgement with unrealistic expectations of how curls are supposed to look. We must always appreciate our hair in its natural state. Different hair textures respond differently to products. All grades of hair from the coarsest coil to the softest strands are equally beautiful. The better we get to know our hair, the easier it is to figure out how different products and techniques will affect our hair and the way we take care of it.

The most important goal that we need to seek to obtain is that our hair is healthy. Healthy hair is the foundation for success and often a critical factor in achieving our ultimate desired look. Hydration, definition, manageability, and length all require a healthy foundation for lasting results. Your end goal should not solely be the appearance of health. Cutting corners will only damaged your hair in the long run. When it comes to natural hair care, we have to be able to know, appreciate, love and properly care for our hair. Focusing on these three simple goals will set the foundation for ultimate success, on your natural hair journey.

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