• All Hair Products Aren’t Equal – Two Key Ingredients to Avoid

    All Hair Products Aren’t Equal – Two Key Ingredients to Avoid
    Although there is an overwhelming amount of great smelling and affordably priced shampoos and conditioners, not all hair products are made equal. There are many challenges that we face on a day to day when it comes to our hair – oily scalp, drooping curls, frizzy coils or limp lack luster tresses. It all starts in the shower on wash day. When you get...
  • Why do you need to moisturize your hair?

    Why do you need to moisturize your hair?
    Just like skin, hair has a tendency to dry out. When your hair is dry, it will appear straw-like, lack-luster, and limp. It’s essential that you provide the necessary moisture to keep your hair hydrated.  There are plenty of reasons why one’s hair would be on the dry/brittle side. Climate can be a contributor to lack of moisture as dry heat often evaporates moistness....
  • Natural Hair Goals Debunked

    Natural Hair Goals Debunked
    Some may want luxurious curls; others may want thickness; many shoot for bra strap length or beyond. What do all of these things have in common? They are hair goals. Hair care is a journey, not a destination; with many stops along the way. Often times, when binge watching YouTube tutorials, and scrolling through Pinterest, we may become overwhelmed by all the different types...
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