Why Buy Black - Top Three Black Owned Hair Care Brands



A black background with the words "Black-Owned" written in white

Black History month is upon us. While celebrating influential figures of history’s past, it’s important to buy black not only this month, but 365 days a year. Why you ask? Without getting into full on History class mode, practices such as redlining, and job discrimination have segregated African Americans from higher paying jobs and home ownership opportunities that have caused a racial wealth gap that dates all the way back to Jim Crow-era. Centuries later, the Black community is still impacted.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have been longtime wealth builders in society. By supporting more Black-owned businesses, Americans can create opportunities for meaningful savings, property ownership, credit building and generational wealth. Beauty Bar & Supply is one of the health and beauty industry leading experts. In honor of Black History month, we have compiled a list of our top three black owned hair care brands.


Shawna Moses founded Kinky Tresses to offer products that would moisturize and nourish kinkier textures. Dryness is unfortunately inevitable when it comes to kinks and coils. The brand offers five hair products that cover the basics with a shampoo, conditioner, hair butter, leave-in milk, and multi-use oil treatment. The Coconut Mango Hair Butter is a fan-favorite styler, thanks to the combination of nourishing butters like shea and mango; and hydrating oils such as broccoli seed, coconut, argan, and castor.


Oyin Handmade has been making products for Afro-textured hair since 2001 when it was founded by Jamyla Bennu. The word "oyin" means honey in the Yoruba language, and it's a staple ingredient in many of the brand's products, like the Honey Hemp Detangling & Moisturizing Conditioner that uses the humectant and hemp seed oil to condition hair. Oyin also has body-care options, including a natural deodorant.


Gwen Jimmere launched Naturalicious in 2013 with the intention of reducing the amount of products one uses in their hair. She created two three-step systems for wash day, that are formulated for tight or loose textures. Each system comes with a clay-based cleanser, styling creme, and a frizz-reducing serum. You can buy the three products as a kit or purchase them separately. This brand also carries a defining gel, scalp oil, and curl refresher.

Visit it us online to purchase any of the black-owned hair care products reviewed above. Happy Black History Month!