How to Get a Salon Style Blowout at Home

An Instagram post of a blow out process from start to finish. Left picture shows a natural fro. Right two pictures are showing the blowout process. The last bottom right photo shows the hair straightened. There are a total of three pictures in this collage.

For the seasoned naturalista, blowouts are the go-to style. Blowouts are very versatile and can serve as a base for a variety of hairdos or can simply be worn as is. The primary purpose of blowouts isn’t necessarily to get the hair bone straight but to stretch and loosen the hair to showcase length when curly hair types experience major shrinkage. For individuals with tightly coiled hair, stretching out the hair can reduce manipulation and assist with retaining length.

A blowout is when you transition your hair from its natural texture to a smooth straight texture with the use of heat. Traditionally, a blowout is the method of straightening natural black hair, typically with the use of a blow dryer and comb attachment. You can use a blow dryer with a dedicated nozzle and brush.

So how do you blow out natural hair? The technique first requires the hair to be properly prepped by detangling. Wet your hair and then brush and comb the hair out. To step up the quality of your hair style a notch, give your hair a mask by using thermal protective shampoo and conditioner.

Here’s What You’ll Need

How to Get that Salon Style Finish

  • After prepping the hair, comb through with a detangling brush and a detangling product
  • Next, section the hair into four or five sections using ponytail holders. (Pro tip: The more sections the better.)
  • Spritz hair with a heat protectant to safeguard the strands.
  • Begin blow drying each section, starting with the bottom sections, going from tip to root. 
  • Keep the heat moving. Don’t allow it to sit in one area for long.
  • Repeat this process all over the hair.

Humidity and working out can threaten the longevity of the most professional of blowouts. However, humidity fighting heat protectant and nightly maintenance will help keep the curls from coiling back up. In order to maintain your blowout, be sure to wrap your hair and wear a scarf at night to protect the style.

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