Your Makeup Brushes are Dirty – Here’s Why


When’s the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Never mind, don’t answer that. We use them every day to contour and highlight our faces but how often are we cleaning them? Dermatologists and makeup artists alike agree that cleansing makeup tools, often, is a must when it comes to fighting bacteria buildup that leads to breakouts. 
According to experts, one should soak tools, especially foundation and concealer brushes, at least once a week.

A set of hands washing some makeup brushes in a sink with running water

Not only will cleansing your brushes help keep your skin clear and healthy, it will also extend the life of the brushes for the best product application. Due to the porous nature of brush hairs, they tend to hold onto oils, bacteria and other unwanted debris. Soiled brushes taint your skin and cause makeup application to be spotty and difficult to blend. 
Use warm water and gentle soap or cleaner made specifically for makeup brushes to clean your brushes so as to not dry out your bristles. Your favorite face cleanser from Beauty Bar & Supply  will even do.  

How to properly clean makeup brushes:
1.    Wash your hands.
2.    Wet the brush bristles with semi-warm water.
3.    Place a drop of cleanser in your palm.
4.    Gently massage the bristle tips in your palm.
5.    Thoroughly rinse the bristles.
6.    Use a clean towel to get rid of extra moisture.
7.    Hang brushes on the edge of any counter so that the bristles are hanging off; to ensure that they dry in the correct shape.

·      Letting brushes dry on towels may cause mildew.
·      Try to keep the base of the brush head dry so that water or soap doesn’t cause the bristles to come loose and shed.
·      Disposable foundation wedges and sponges are not meant to be reused unless they are microbial-resistant. If reusable, be sure to clean these at least once a week as well, as they can also fill up with dead skin cells and bacteria.
·      If you want to get super fancy, you can always purchase brush cleaning tools.

So, when is it time to throw in the towel; or in this case, the makeup brush? Although frequent cleaning can extend brush life, it’s time to toss them out when they start to shed, fray or become misshapen. Your tools being in tip top shape is just as important as the makeup itself.