STE - Save the Edges! - How to Properly Remove a Lace Wig

A head shot of an African American woman smiling and easily removing her lace front wig on one side of the picture and the same woman posing regularly on the other side of the picture.

Despite popular believe, it is very much possible to wear wigs and protect your hairline. When removing and applying wigs, we must always remember to STE – Save The Edges! Lace wigs and even adhesives for lace wigs are safe to wear as long as you apply them with care.

In order to properly remove a lace front wig, you will need:

Ghost Bond Adhesive Remover




First, so as to not get any adhesive in the hair, pull it into a ponytail.


Apply lace adhesive remover to the adhesive around the perimeter of your edges. Ghost Bond Adhesive Remover is recommended for spraying around your hairline; it assists to release glue from your edges with little to no effort. It’s known to act quickly and is gentle on skin. It works on both tapes and liquid soft bonds. Wait at least five minutes and then move to step three.


Making sure not to pull the lace, slowly remove it.  


After slowly removing the lace, there might be left over residue on the wig. Don’t panic; you can remove residue with ease by using the old fashioned “mirror-slide” trick. Not familiar? No worries, I got you. Grab a small mirror and slide the wig over it; be cautious of where the adhesive is located. The adhesive will eventually rub off the unit and onto the mirror. Repeat this process until all of the glue is removed from the unit.

Pro Tip: Use a soft scour pad (normally used on dishes) in order to scrape and clean all of the glue off the mirror, once the glue has been removed from your wig unit.


Next, you’ll want to give your unit a good wash. Make sure you also wash your hair and style the wig before reapplying, for best results. It’s best practice to shampoo your unit with a towel, gently scrubbing away any and all stubborn residue. Lastly, let the unit air dry and style it just like you would your own natural hair.  

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