Hair Goals For 2020


 Beauty Bar & Supply Hair Goals for 2020 Blog

     What does hair goals mean to you? Is it straight hair? Curly hair? Wavy hair? Or Afro? Irrespective of our individual preference below is the sort of compliment every woman with hair craves. 

    "Omg! Wow!! Your hair is perfect!!! So beautiful! I could stroke it all day!! Serious hair goals!!!"  

    Well-groomed hair has this aura of sophistication and class, the perfect confidence booster for any kind of modern woman. Be you a boss lady, a fashionista, a slayer, or that regular girl that simply enjoys the attention that comes with being fancy. 

   The start of a new year is a fresh chance to embark on a voyage that turns your hair into what can be perceived as real goals. This can be successfully achieved through dedication, a healthy hair routine, and the right hair care products.  

    With how well hair influences the beauty of a woman almost every lady has a hair routine, however, the real question is this; is that routine healthy? 


Have Your Own Hair Care Tools

    A healthy hair routine entails a host of requirements, which include keeping your hair tools clean. 

    Hair tools such as your combs should be clean and free from dirt. It will be a total waste of time to painstakingly wash your hair only to infect it with germs each time you comb. Dirt free tools aid in maintaining a clean and healthy hair.


Maintain A Healthy Diet.

    What we eat determines how our body develops, including our hair. Eat meals rich in vitamins, iron, and protein to grow better hair. Protein can be described as a building block of hair because each strand of hair is composed of protein fiber; making an adequate dose of protein a requirement if your hair is to grow. Furthermore, iron deficiency is a major cause of hair loss. Factually, a balanced diet is an essential healthy hair care routine. This could be boosted by using natural hair products that contain protein, vitamins, and iron.


Stay Natural as Often as Possible.

    Your hair deserves a break from attachments, wigs, and ponytailsMake it habitual to wear your natural hair; this will aid in the growth of your edges, and keep your hair healthier. It also avails you the opportunity of treating your hair often. 


Healthy Hair Care Products.  

    Natural hair care products are made from natural substances that are good for your hair growth. The human scalp is the most absorbent part of the human body, thus dangerous hair care chemicals are likely to end up in the bloodstream when used. Thereby making natural products safer and healthier. For instance, OBIA Naturals has a Coconut Shea Shampoo Bar, that gently cleanses the hair and scalp without stripping it of its natural oils; keeps the hair soft, hydrated, moisturized and conditioned. It is effective and organic. 

    Also, MIELLE ORGANICS and Camille Rose Naturals, are great examples of organic hair care brands with varieties of products to address various hair care needs. What is special about these referenced companies is that their products are made from plants. Making them very healthy for your hair and overall well being.