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It’s what’s inside that counts

With natural products, as with many things in life, what you put into them is what you get in return. But this is especially true when it comes to supplements and whole foods. If you start with typical ingredients you’re going to end up with a typical product.

Since 1968 NOW has been manufacturing premium quality dietary supplements and natural products, and our success is due in large part to our long-standing insistence on using only the best quality ingredients.

Over the past few decades we’ve learned a thing or two about natural ingredients. We’ve developed lasting relationships with the world’s top ingredient suppliers, and we leverage these relationships, and our good standing, to secure top-quality raw materials.

In addition, we purchase raw materials in huge quantities, which affords us bulk price breaks that we then pass on to our customers in the form of everyday low pricing.

Our purchasing agents are extremely knowledgeable about natural ingredients and their unique attributes, and they utilize this knowledge every day to ensure the ingredients used in NOW® products meet our lofty expectations -- and yours.