Mind your hair underneath the WIG.


Beauty Bar & Supply WIg Wearing Tips

Mind your hair underneath the WIG.

At various points in our lives, many women/men have made the decision to wear a wig. Wigs have many benefits. Individuals have chosen to wear them because they offer a quick change of their hairstyle, some due to hair loss, and/or just because they need a break from doing their hair. Whatever the reason, a person's decision to wear a wig can vary however, in reality, everyone needs to address the needs of their hair underneath the wig.

How to style your hair under your wig?

Cornrows: Typically the go-to style for most wig wearers. Cornrows are typically flat which allows closer fit for the wig. The cornrows do allow for easy access to the scalp for proper cleansing and moisturizing. While in the cornrows, the hair is protected and less likely to bulk up underneath the wig.

Single Braids: Hair should be braided in small individual braids to ensure the hair underneath the wig isn't lumpy. The braids do allow individuals to access their scalp for proper cleansing and moisturizing. Although, this may not be the most desired option, for some individuals it may be the easiest to maintain their tresses.

Flat Twist: Although similar to cornrows in how flat the hair is to the head. Flat Twists typically aren't the desired option due to the fact the hairs may become freezy underneath the wig.

You put on your wig so now WHAT?

  1.  Don't wash and go with a wig. It's important to properly cleanse your hair and tresses when wearing a wig. However, you need to keep in mind that a wash in go is a definite NO, NO! when wearing a wig. You should make sure your hair is thoroughly dry prior to installing a wig. The reason is a damp to wet head is a breeding ground for bacteria.
  2. Wear a wig cap. A wig cap serves as a bearer between your tresses and your wig. All wig caps aren't created equally, wig caps such as Qfitt Organic Argan & Shea Butter & Olive Stocking Wig cap is actually pretreated to further help maintain the moisture in your tresses. Although wearing a wig cap isn't required, it is recommended.
  3. Maintain a hair routine for your hair. It's important to properly cleanse your hear and scalp. Clean hair and scalp will promote healthy hair growth while your hair is underneath the wig (protective scalp). It's not recommended to wear your wig for extended periods of time without removing it. This could lead to dry and brittle hair and potential for scalp issues. In addition, make sure you properly moisturize and oil your scalp and hair when not wearing a wig. 

What is your wig routine? Share in the comments below.