How to Shingle Your Hair – Explained


Are you wondering what all the fuss is about with this new “shingling” craze everyone in the natural hair world is raving about? Well, Beauty Bar & Supply has you covered, sis, literally. “Shingling” is the act of using a secrete technique - a ritual of sorts - that entails using a medley of carefully selected hair care products to achieve wildly defined curls. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit but just play along. We are about to reveal the secret recipe for curl nirvana.

African American woman with loose natural hair to depict the end result of the Shingle method

You’ll want to start with a co-wash cleanser, a leave-in conditioner, restorative deep conditioner and gel or curling cream, like As I Am Curling Jelly and Curl Definer , in order to achieve maximum curl definition. You’ll also need a brush for detangling, a spray bottle with water to keep your hair damp, diffuser, and an Afro pick. These are essential tools for THE look. Allot for a minimum of 20 minutes and add more time depending on your hair length and thickness.

First, co-wash and deep condition your hair. Starting with damp, softened, hydrated hair, separate it into four sections and apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner in each part. Distribute the product by raking your fingers through your hair evenly form the root to the tip. Go back in with a detangling brush to rid your hair of the knots that your fingers didn’t catch. Start from the end of your hair and slowly work your way back to your roots.

Next, apply your preferred gel or curling cream to each strand individually. Use your thumb and index finger to smooth each curl from root to tip, twisting around your index finger for best results. You can also try the finger rake method with curling cream and separate the strands with gel.



Last but not lease, you’ll ideally air dry your hair but if you're short on time, you can speed up the process by using a diffuser. Diffuse with your head upside down with the diffuser on warm; then remove the nozzle for a cool blast if you want more lift to your curls. The cool air blast will break up any stiffness caused from gel or excess product. Picking your hair will also lift your roots. Shake your head vigorously from side to side for extra volume, movement and bounce. And just like that, you have loud and luscious curls!