A Guide to Different Type Of Combs And Their Purposes


A Guide to Different Type Of Combs And Their Purposes

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It is impossible to visit any house and not find a comb. In fact, you should expect to find three or more different types of combs. Combs have become an important grooming item that you would find with most individuals all the time. There are several types of combs, and even you must have had or seen some of these different types.

However, do you know that each type of comb has its specific function? Did you know it isn't just different for the sake of structural design? Well, the comb you use for straightening your hair isn't the same comb you should use for detangling it. Yes, this is true, and it simply means that you are expected to use at least two different types of comb in a single combing session.

The various types of combs available range from combs for parting hair to combs for detangling hair. If you think a comb is a comb, and it is used to comb your hair then read on to discover some types of combs and their actual function. Who knows? You might be using them wrongly.

  1. Pin Tail Comb

The Pin Tail comb has a long and thin handle. This isn't accidental. This helps it serve its purpose. The Pin Tail combs were designed specifically as a comb for parting hair into sections. The comb and tail work together.

You can use the tail in parting your hair. That is to draw a line through a portion of your hair, then you use the comb in combing and arranging the two sides of your hair neatly.

  1. Rake Comb

The rake comb is used for thick and curly hair. Its name is derived from the fact that it looks like a garden rake. This comb is designed with its teeth well apart to allow passage through thick hair. The design allows combing with less pain and without your hair being pulled out. So if you have thick long hair, then you should be using the rake comb or the jumbo rake comb. This will comb your hair easily with a desirable result.

  1. Fluff Comb

From the name fluff, you can say this comb can make your hair look fuller than it is. Nevertheless, it can also be used as a detangling comb and this is what most people use it for.

  1. Detangling Comb

Detangling combs are simply combs designed to undo the tangles in your hair. There are several different combs for detangling hair like the wide-tooth comb and jumbo comb.

Detangling combs work better in the shower as it is easier to loosen your tight hair when wet.

  1. Wave Comb

Just as the name implies, a wave comb is used to achieve the wave hairstyle. A wave comb helps you distribute your hair product from the root of your hair to the other end. This comb also removes tangles that must have been formed while brushing your hair.

The hairstyle you want to achieve also determines which comb you should use. Now, you know combs are more complicated than they look. Start using the right comb for the right purpose today.


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