5 Steps To Perfect Hair


5 Steps to Perfert Hair at Beauty Bar & Supply

Your hair is the crowning glory of your beauty for many women and men. Look after it and you will have a head full of shining healthy tresses that everyone can see! You don’t always need expensive treatments or visits to a salon, there are plenty of things available right at home which would make anyone think twice before going elsewhere for their hairstyling needs

1. Hair is not just a pretty accessory! It's also an extension of who you are on the inside. A good diet and plenty of water will make your shiny locks look great. With the addition of quality shampoo and conditioner, this is the ultimate hair care combo. Plus, eating healthy food sources like fruits (which have natural oils that help keep hair greasy-free),  veggies, lean meats, etc., balanced meals ensure proper nutrients which fuel beautiful looking strands by keeping them moisturized from within - plus all this helps regulate hormones, in turn, preventing frizzy flyaways when someone has their period !!! As the old adage goes " you are what you eat."

 2. After washing your hair, dry it at the ambient temperature of your room with an absorbent towel to soak up any excess moisture. It's best to not rub hard or use blow-drying appliances which could lead to damage to your locks over time! Be natural whenever possible- keep things simple so that only good stuff happens ;)

3. To prevent unnecessary hair damage, use the right kind of tools. When using a brush make sure to use the correct brush for the intended result. For example, steel bristled brushes can be very harmful on your tresses but might be great for your wigs. In addition, only comb wet tresses with wide-tooth combs. You should start at the bottom and slowly move upwards.

4. To remove split ends, take small pieces of hair and carefully twist them in a gentle downward motion before cutting into the twisted section with sharp scissors to get rid of damaged cuticles while leaving natural layers behind for an even more modern look!

5. There are a number of ways that you can slow or stop hair loss. You could try eating more bananas, blending them with honey and yogurt for an amazing breakfast smoothie each day! Or take supplements such as Vitamin B6 which will help keep your body healthy overall while providing nutrients necessary to maintain strong follicles inside scalp tissues. Also, make sure not to get too stressed out about life.  Stress can cause a reduction in the amountof oils produced by our bodies when we're under pressure. The necessary oil is needed for hair retention. 

We are all obsessed with our hair, whether it's bob or braid. From the moment you wake up in the morning to bedtime every day. Your tresses serve as an indicator of how much care and attention to pay for yourself. Your hair can be first before anything else including but not limited to clothes size; dieting habits (or lack thereof); work pressures etc... It's vital that we take proper care of our tresses in order to maintain it.