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When you’re searching for a beauty supply store, what are some of the elements you look for? Convenience? Product line availability? Costs? Yes, there is much to consider when deciding whom to trust for your beauty provision needs. And undoubtedly, all of these elements are vital in selecting where you choose to spend your dollars. However, there’s another reason that you should consider a specific business: because it’s a part of the local community!

When Owner Marie Messick founded Beauty Bar & Supply LLC in 2015, it was about more than just having a store. It was about more than providing an assortment of hair and skin products. But it was about community. It was about proving that female business owners could be successful. It was about being an example of resilience and dedication to others who are to come after her. Yes, Marie’s purpose was to open a business that people can rely on for high-quality treatments. This would prove that personalizing her community within the fabric of her business was a top priority.

Beginning as a kiosk in Cross Creek Mall, Beauty Bar & Supply LLC featured popular brands that her customers loved. From Shea Moisture to KeraVeda, from Uncle Funky’s Daughter to OBIA Natural’s, from Tress Therapy to TGIN – she was consistent about meeting the needs of her consumers who desired natural and organic products. And from October of 2015 until December of 2016, this is exactly what this kiosk provided.

On March 31, 2017, this trusted source for effective hair and skin supplies was finally able to claim it’s own permanent location within the city. And on this day, a retail space of 1400 square feet was featured. There’s a plethora of products, beginning with essentials for the hair and skin, ending with wigs, weaves, and other necessities.

Any successful business must have a successful and educated owner. And that is exactly what you will find in Marie Messick. As a graduate of North Carolina Central University, Marie received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Business Administration. It’s evident that her seriousness to be successful and bring something of value to the city of Fayetteville were top priorities. And so, the Beauty Bar Supply brand was birthed even before it’s revealing.

Not only is Beauty Bar & Supply, LLC  has a stores, but there is also an e-commerce option to serve the community and beyond. And for almost 5 years, the site alone has been extremely successful.

Visit for the ultimate shopping experience. And be sure to connect on Instagram & Facebook – simply search for Beauty Bar Supply. The brand is still young, but is destined to be a catalyst within the beauty realm in the times to come.


Beauty Bar & Supply #1

7830 Good Middling Drive

Fayetteville, NC 28304

Phone: 910.223.9252

Hours: 10am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 1pm to 6pm Sunday




Supplier Submissions

We are always seeking to work with natural and/or organic hair or body product manufactures. If you are interested with partnering with us. Please email us at

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